Durban Regional Information

Durban is South Africa's premier seaside resort set in KwaZulu Natal - a world in one province. Situated along the warm East Coast, its diversity and contrast are staggering. There is something for everybody – from the idyllic beauty of cool southern forests, through myriad golden beaches along the coastline, to game reserves in the far north, and westwards from the port city of Durban through the green expanse of the Midlands to the majestic, craggy peaks of the Drakensberg Mountains.

KwaZulu Natal is best known for its extensive Indian Ocean coastline – a playground of sun, sea and surf, and paradise for swimmers, fishermen and surfers alike. World class resorts and beaches are sought after throughout the year. Just pick and choose from the accommodation in Durban to select between the exclusive and the affordable, from the long expanse of Durban’s Golden Mile, to the remote lagoons and coral reefs in the north. If you are on holiday and want to relax you have got it made!

In terms of cuisine, Durban restaurants offer a huge variety in terms of style, location and vibe. All tastes will be satisfied in this coastal resort! 

in terms of things to do in Durban and KwaZulu Natal is host to the famous Sardine Run in June and July which plays out along its coastline south of Durban. Regular as clockwork the annual northern migration of sardines and attendant larger fish, dolphins and birds makes its way along the coast. It’s a boon for fishermen, as well as holidaymakers and locals anxious to harvest their catch from the waves with every available receptacle!

Pietermaritzburg, the capital of KwaZulu Natal and its second largest city, lies about 90 km west of Durban. Its City Hall is a Victorian architectural masterpiece. And no wonder – the city is regarded as one of the best preserved Victorian cities in the world. Pietermaritzburg also hosts the internationally acclaimed Comrades Marathon, an ultra marathon run each year between KwaZulu Natal’s two main cities.

West of Pietermaritzburg lie the lush, rolling green hills of the temperate Midlands, setting for the famous Midlands Meander. The extensive route offers a shot in the arm for those who enjoy scenic beauty, serene surroundings and abundant countryside. The Meander revels in its quaint restaurants, crafts, art, and upmarket countryside retreats.

The Drakensberg Mountain range is a 200 km long wonderland of unrivalled beauty, forming the western boundary of KwaZulu natal. The mountains are a World Heritage site and perfect for those needing a break from busy city life. All manner of accommodation, numerous trails and climbs, world famous rock art sites, as well as crisp, fresh mountain air, offer a unique experience found nowhere else in the world.

A trip to KwaZulu natal would not be complete without a visit to its numerous reserves in the northern savanna – teeming with wildlife and with world-class resorts and accommodation for discerning tourists. Geared to different budgets and tastes, the reserves offer intrepid tourists the chance to see the "Big Five" in an authentic African setting. An unforgettable experience and truly something to write home about!